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Conflict Management

Conflicts are essential part that comes when a team work towards a goal. Without a goal,  it will be like school. Conflicts opens new possibility and shift peoples' way of thinking.
But people are not always open minded. They have ego which prevents them from accepting others' thoughts. One way or other conflicts arise daily and leaders face hard time in preventing, solving and amending their after effects.

Conflicts may be hidden or open.

Managing conflicts will be a night mare for leaders. Managing conflicts and maintaining equilibrium in group makes you real leaders.

To avoid conflicts, a leader has to make sure, there should not be any discrimination based on age,sex, religion, region and experience at any point of time. All bigger organizations dream is to balance the cultural varieties and motivating them towards that common goal [vision]. Find and compensate the personal clashes, because they will be the major case.

A person who drives the team despite the conflicts and clashes is real leader.

A quote from history, India is a country with many religions, caste and types of people. Everyone carried pride on their own group. Gandhi, first drove people out of those chains. Once the conflicts are compromised, then people work towards goal.

Conflicts are like sun, they are essential but beyond a level they will be hot and hard to handle. Likewise optimizing conflicts will bring success.

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