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Leadership Designing - Design the leader in you

There are three types of leaders. They either make you discover or forget your leadership qualities. They are


  • follow tradition
  • stick to rules
  • are straight forward
  • are obedient followers
  • are more common
  • belong to teacher's category
  • preach what they learnt and believe that is correct.  
They will expect everyone to be obedient followers [just like them]. They are good for traditional organizations, which expects the top to bottom information flow. They are good conductors.

2.TIDE TEASERS: This group of leaders show off as if they were against everything, but in real they follow things quite strictly. They try to change the system, till it did not backfire on them. They will be condescending and ludicrous. They will have unrealistic goals and grandiose delusions. They will not appreciate and always expect more. They will eventually demotivate team and reduce their productivity.

  • are Trend Setters
  • are very rare to find
  • are best suited for more vibrant and new companies
  • are extra-ordinary listeners and learners
  • deliver results and growth
  • inspire people and be a visionary
  • will think out of the box
Investing in a leader like this will change the picture of your company.

Leadership can be inborn ability but they can be learned easily simply by studying your leaders and others.