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People Management

People Management :


Leader - as dictionary defines 
 "the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country".

A leader is one who leads people. 
Every book, blog or leader you follow will show various methods for leading people.

Resource management require precise planning and practical experience. 

Leaders' potential will be measured on how you march your troops even in adversity. How you keep your A-players, happy and interested, How you propel other group of players to next level.

Leaders will have powers and they should seldom use it. Leaders should have empathy and extreme patience. You should be a launching medium for your resource [in particular]. 

The Success companies, need to keep their employee happy and push their limits. The success of employees depend on their leaders.

Leaders are those who deliver results at any conditions.

Train your employees, keep them engaged, track them, guide them and propel them. 

Powers vested in you were only for driving team towards goal. Play attacking , defensing or goalie whatever and whenever necessary. Take all roles, take all responsibilities, show them to take. 

Power of leader is estimated in harvesting power of human resources in proper way.

A true leader always looks on positive side of a problem. They should be capable of guiding people and aligning them towards organizational goals. They should connect with their employees both emotionally and personally and create a bond with them.

Because that relationship you develop makes them comfortable and they tend to be more productive.
Case study shows that people are more happy and productive when their boss just say good morning to them daily. 

Mistakes will happen. But leaders has to make sure that mistakes are rectified rather than penalized.

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