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Communication Management

The purpose of a Leader is to convey information, that will steer the team to achieve its goals.
Your success is determined by your clear vision. 

But for your team, they need to have clear communication.

You will be a point of source. The information flows to you and you will cascade them to others. So as a leader, you need to deliver information. You will not only track project but also connect with people[ either team or client or both]. You have to be clear in your thoughts that will be reflected in your communication.
Historically, People believe good orators are great leaders. Leaders and speakers go hand in hand.

As a leader, center stage is yours to take many times. You should a source of inspiration, when things fail and source of motivation when things succeed.

Mastering communication is not easy. But it will alone transform you from nothing to great leader.

Express your thoughts. Make people to transform your ideas into actions. On failure you should motivate and on success you should guide.

Few steps to enhance your communication

1. Increase your vocabulary daily

        Only when you are confident, you can speak well. But to be confident, you need to have a lot of information. To speak, information is all about vocabulary that you have.

2. Speak when required

      You should not be loquacious. But you should speak when it is required and speak to the point. Meetings are the best place to start.
3. Spread the smile and greet people everyday

      No matter where you stand in your organization's chart, you should spread smile and project yourself positive. Greet everyone on your way to seat. 

4. Advice short 
      When you have to advice or feedback, make it short.

People follow you when you are leader, people will love you with no reasons, when you express your thoughts clearly.

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