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Crisis Management

Crisis does not come every time but they come unexpectedly, yet their impact is strong and irrecoverable. They cause an permanent mark in the project and puts your leadership qualities under a question mark.

Crisis Management is not expected. It is meeting the unexpected as if expected. You cannot say what will happen next and what will be the situation at the end of the project. So Crisis management has an important and unavoidable role in project.

Managing the project needs smartness and planning. But it is the creativity and the forecasting that helps leaders here. The former is essential for a leader but the latter is mandatory for a leader. A good leader should be a good forecaster too. That ability for forecasting requires not only from creativity but also from experience either from books or examples. Reading from examples often have a permanent impact.

A leader should first forecast things and analyze the possibilities of solutions and always pick the best solutions at stake. Keeping multiple solution for the same problem at many times come in handy. So, prediction of the solutions requires proper knowledge on what you are dealing with and what you will deal with.

Knowing solutions for the problems is easy. But forecasting the problems that may or may not happen is difficult.Crisis may or may not happen but overcoming the crisis and fixing them is really a hard task. But proper preparation may help in overcoming those situations.

Crisis is of two types, they are Internal Crisis that may arise due to some internal issues in the technology,hardware and software limitations and overcoming it, which are often discarded with proper overview of the project status and precisely tracking everything in the project. Projects are not built in a day. The other crisis is called External Crisis which is the result of nature or government, forecasting them is not that much easy and they are totally unexpected. Solving this often time consuming and the loses may be irrecoverable.

A good leader should know what will happen in near future.
A good leader should how to manage in crisis.
A good leader should know how to guide in crisis.

Leaders should always be alert and they should know whatever happens around them, in order to avoid crisis. You cannot possibly avoid them completely but you should have proper plans to meet them. As leaders guiding the people in hard times is really a hard task, but they define your capacity and quality as a leader.

Guiding in crisis is hard task but they carves the real leader out of you.

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