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LEADER -- Eleven easy steps

Everything in the world is possible by anyone. The amount of hard work and luck only varies. 

Similarly to become a leader ,there are many ways. Consolidating it into eleven easy steps , on following them daily you can also become a leader. If luck and hard work combines then they actually help you to become legendary leader. 

1. Be a follower : you need to be a good follower to become a good leader. Because you cannot be a leader until you realize your follower. The best test for a leader is to be a follower and understand their feelings and stand then become a leader to solve them and with that experience you can devise what is best for both leader and follower.

2. Do normal things in a different way : Every one when they get a chance, which you have now, will do the basic things to be done. So to stand out either be a leader or follower you have to have your personal style and stand out. Because when you establish your trade mark, you stand out. When you stand out you become unique and its easy for people higher to you to have an attention on you.

3. Learn and implement Micromanagement but don't show : Always do micro management even when you are a follower. Because when you learn to micro manage you will find minute details of everyone and everything that makes you a specialist in finding the business and technical knowledge of every aspect of the requirement. This gives you to have perfect picture and only when you start seeing things from bottom up you will picture the whole picture. Make sure you don't project yourself as a micro manager.

4. Take up responsibility : Only when you take up responsibility people will get to know what you are up to. Only when you show you are ready to become a leader people will show you options to become a leader. So next time when opportunity knocks at your door do it without hesitation.

5. Always have ideas and express them :  A leader always have plans and ideas under his sleeves when plan a fails he will show you a plan b that you might never thought about. So keep umpteen number of plans under your head. Its not plans and ideas that help you, but the way you express your plan and idea is also important because only when you express people get to know what you are up to.

6. Grab the opportunities :  Opportunities nowadays knocks sometimes, so when you find them grab them and hold it tightly. Because when you leave you may or may not get the opportunity again. But when you hold the opportunity, keep your eyes wide open because opportunities come more frequently once you grow higher in the leadership ladder.

7. Solve problems : Problems are vast. They spread all over and they are both boon and bane for us. When you solve the problem, then you rise a step in ladder to become a successful leader. Make sure you have the solution to the problem before getting into them, because current system sees your failure rather than your participation.

8. Balance personal and professional : only when you balance your professional and personal life you get a clear mind and when you have it, then you can solve even the most complex situations in your project. The balance between this two is tough and maintaining this will enhance the opportunity to become a clear and great leader.

9. Stay fit : Only when you physically stay fit your mental thoughts and the way you perceive information stands clear and you will be having a pleasing and pleasant work. On staying fit you increase your capability to undergo stress and capacity to solve the problems, which pictures you perfect and awesome.

10. Listen : The amount you speak should be less than half of the amount you listen. Always listen more.  because  psychologically people thinks those who listen has the patience to understand what people are telling and hence they start to like you more. Ultimately a leader is called successful only when his subjects are happy and they trust them

11. Build the trust : Build the trust in your workplace. People should trust you and they should trust you without any doubts. Once you gain that then you can be the greatest leader. Making people to trust you is not that easy and maintaining that is equally tough job to do. So once you had done that then you can easily become a leader.

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