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Leaders - Seven Deadly sins

The seven things you have to avoid as a leader. When you become a leader, there will be few things that you need to check and alter, as they will have an impact on your character and others career. When you decrease these attributes will decrease the productivity and projects the experience, exposure and expert of everyone including you.

1. Frustration : It will come when your project is in crisis and the team lags the motivation and spirit that was there before. Frustration will make you shout at people and that will again demotivate the people. Managing frustration will be tougher as it will be more instantaneous rather than gradual. That split second when you cannot control your anger it will lead to worse results. Overcoming it an maintaining calmness will lead to better control of you and your project.

2. Irritation : When all goes fine and only a minor issue is there in the output of your biggest project. Everything type of testing was done to ensure the quality of the output and at the exact day when you showcase the product there is a minor bug or User experience issue. The hard work and effort you invested for past year or so goes invalid. When all your higher officials are shouting at you,then comes the irritation. They will demoralize you completely. They will make you feel down and worthless. Thus irritation affects you more personally than professionally. The way you handle the irritation and drag the team towards goal will picture you as a better leader.

3. Shouting : Every body hates the dog which always bark. So shouting at your sub-ordinates will never help you in achieving what you want. They will instead makes people to have fear on you. They will make people to move away from you. This makes your personal and professional life horrible and lonely. Next time stop shouting start talking.

4. Anger : People may love angry birds. But birds that are angry will go and hit the blocks and fall down. Anger is the primary reason, why most of the leaders stand as managers and stop growing. The control that you have on yourself does determine the control you have on your team. Because more calmer you are more happier and productive the team will be. Angry when controlled is nuclear energy But when released it is nuclear bomb.

5. Aristocratic : Entire world is changing into democratic or socialistic. Now beating the old rubber is not just fine.Being aristocratic leader means you drive people with instructions which most of creatives didn't like to be driven aristocratic. The main disadvantage is newer generation are more freely thought and outwardly thinking and the current culture gives important to talent rather than experience, therefore remove that control on people and shift it to control on their output.

6. Micromanagement :  Managing will be leaders primary work, It will be you who will be managing the people,work,project and yourself. But that doesn't mean you can manage every little thing. It simply means that you can manage things that will be on the social level and not on personal level. People knows what they have to do and pressurizing them and getting things done will not give good results on a longer run. Avoid micromanagement as they make people mad.

7. Pressure : You might need the people to work nights and days to complete the work or you might actually decrease the number of days and make people work more than their normal time period. This adds pressure to the people which means their output is reduced. People should feel the pleasure in working not the pressure. They become the major factor for attrition in many companies.

The major factor for attrition in a company is due to managers. Managing people is science and leading them is an art. 

Learn the science to master the art.

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