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Stress Management

In current market scenario,Stress is unavoidable and every one will be undergoing it now and then. The peacefulness in mind drives leader to solution. Under stress leaders require calmness in mind that drives them towards the success.

One who stays low in storm will be saved, like that one who stays calm in stress will be succeeded. Its the calm mind that provides answers for world's most difficult questions. Controlling your senses always helps you in driving you towards glory. 

The stress comes from two main sources they are

  1. Personal 
  2. Professional
Personal stress as name specifies is from the family or personal health issues. This will be very tough to overcome. However people should forget their work at home and home at work which drives you fairly well enough. Meditation,yoga and exercises may help you to relieve and relive. Finding solution only makes everything straight and rejuvenate you. You cannot escape from here.

Professional stress is from your workplace. It will be again two types they are 
1.Internal : Once that comes from your work place from your superiors and other people with whom you work with. This has an impact on your professional life and managing this as leaders will help you climb up in work place. 
2.External : The one from your client,consumers. They are temporary and solving them requires skill and patience. Solving them will increase your reputation and makes your business big.

Few tips on managing stress, 
  1. Do exercise,meditation or yoga
  2. Spend time with old friends
  3. Reads books as you like
  4. Avoid mobiles and other gadgets (Its toughie make sure you didn't get more stress  on doing this)
  5. Play with children
  6. Follow a game and play them. If not atleast watch them with friends
  7. Don't always be alone. Ensure you are with people once in a while
  8. Do some charity and help others
  9. Do get together with your parents and go for small trips with your loved ones
  10. Learn something new 
  11. Be positive whatever happens.
Master your stress and that makes you real master. For going through a storm you need to keep low. 

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