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Two things to make you a modern leader

It is not certain attributes that makes you as a leader, it is the consistent adaptation of attributes corresponding to the situations that marks you as a leader. Many things are necessary for being a leader. You need to find the simplest solution quicker and give liberty to people to think freely and find a simpler way in addition to mitigating the conflict of interests and driving the whole bunch towards the desired goal.

Two add ons that makes your life easy as a leader are

1. Technology : Daily it will change. But everyday it takes a level in a positive direction. Evolution of technology is a boom. In past, it is in the memories of people. But now they are planted into solid state memories. Tracking and execution made easier and that makes life a easier one. Forget cannot be a reason nowadays for business failure. They make you a leader, if you use them in the way you need. Keep yourself updated with the new technology. Take out your older smart phones throw it away and keep yourself updated with gadgets, which always makes you feel the newer generation. Numerous software are getting released everyday to make project management an easy task.

2. Product oriented : You be in either service or product industry. It is the solution oriented success that marks your career. But define the success in product oriented way to achieve the results, which makes yourselves more professional and projects you towards the new business venture. Target yourself  in designing more product like design which actually helps you in long stand in the market. It is the common product that makes business with one time effort not the custom defined. Infact custom defined is what customers want. But solutions are to be more product oriented rather than solution oriented and custom designed.

Add on these two which will mark you a true and great modern times leader

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